The word “collection” came from Latin “collection” – to collect. It means systematize one kind of things which have science and cultural value (from Soviet Encyclopedia, 1985).

My museum “Semi-precious stone of Baikal” contains some samples of minerals from South Baikal Region and other Russian regions. There are collections of mice, calcite, apatite, diopcite, spinel and more then 80 kinds of different minerals. All of them are unique and there was a great work made to put them into the collection.

Every single material you have to find, prepare, and write a description, sign in the catalog, and take to the shelf in the museum. And you have to find the best sample from thousands and it is really hard work if you are doing it by yourself.

My dear friends! You make acquaintance with tens of minerals collections. But my museum is the only one and it is unique. I promise you’ve never seen such a beautiful collection of stones. And I assure you will not find any museum similar to mine anywhere. One time I even wanted to sign into the Guinness Book, but I changed my mined because it is not good to compare nature beauty and humans achievements of spiting father or eating quicker.

One old lady started crying after watching my exhibit, she was so touched. She said that she had never seen such a wonderful natural beauty. And one of the Indian widower said that he had traveled thought 10000 km/ 6 213.71 mi not in vein, he got to know my museum.

My friends, it is time for you to come and see the greatest mineral collection!!!


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