In Russia nowadays we don’t k now how to call ourselves “gentlemen” and “ladies” it suites only to some people like president, but most of the population lives on the fridge of the society so to call them “gentlemen” or “ladies” would be little bit abusive. The word “comrade” what was used during Soviet Union time is kind of old. Now this salutation is used only by police officers in unpleasant situations. So, I decided to call everybody who comes to my museum just a “friend”.

So dear friends and internet users! You are welcome to the Great Lake Baikal. I think that Baikal is my lake (I don’t want to call it a lake, by the way, because it’s more like a sea then a lake according to the size) and mountains which around are mine too. It is not because they belong to me, no; it is because I live there and consider myself a part of surrounding nature. If you come you will feel the same. And I will try to make your stay unforgettable.

On the museum territory there are some accommodations:

  • a small house for 6 person;
  • a room for 2 people (restroom is outdoor);
  • a room for 5 people (restroom is outdoor);
  • a small house for 5 people (restroom is outdoor);
  • 2 rooms for 14 people each (plank-beds, restroom is outdoor);
  • a kitchen - dining room where you can make to yourselves a dinner;
  • products you might buy across the road;
  • garret for 20 people;
  • Free parking place.
  • You can choose different kinds of living conditions and also can check the museum’s exhibition wherever it would be convenient for you. There are 10000 unique exhibits of different minerals. And I promise you will see nothing similar to that anywhere.

    Also museum complex can suggest you bania (steam bath or “Russian sauna”), which will help you to wash and relax.

    And around the place there are beautiful nature and unique layer of mice (the paradise for geologists). You can hike not far and see mountain lakes and streams which are so fast after rain. But don’t forget that you are already in the highland – Baikal is 500 m / 1 640, 42 ft above the sea level.


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