To tell the truth, all collectors are fanatics. Every single material we have to find, prepare, and write a description, sign in the catalog, and took to the shelf in the museum. And it is really hard work if you are doing it by yourself. And I think that collecting has to be more popularized because it is the good way to save something for the history, development culture of the country.

And now let’s talk about Sludyanka’s minerals. There are about 40 layers in the South Baikal aria. In the beginning of last century famous Russian science Kalinin identified and described about 100 (exactly 91) minerals. Now sciences talk about more then 250. In general on the earth there are 4000 kinds of minerals, 16 percent of them can be found in Sludyanka.

In the museum “Semi-precious stone” are exhibited 10000 minerals. And every person from all over the world (from more then 30 countries) who visited that place has been really impressed by what they have seen. Some of them, especially specialists, often decide to stay longer then one day to study careful each exhibit and talk to me about the secret of my success.

But there is no big secret. I was just really lucky to live near 40 layers. And there are about 40 places in each where minerals can be easily found, but quarry “Pereval” has 140 such places. It is understandable now why South of Baikal called “Mineralogy paradise”.

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